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dv, Perceptor and Kia's, Reunion

Kriti: *currently snuggled against Megatron, is sucking on her thumb as she dozes*

Megatron: *sitting on the big mattress in the living room, his optics glowing softly as he hugs Kriti with one arm and uses the other hand to hold the book he's reading*

bittyBee: *passed out face down near one of Megatron's feet, her favorite dolly baby in a similar pose nearby*

Soundwave: *curled up under a blanket in the playhouse*

Blackie: *taking care of Perceptor and Kia, who have been having bad nightmares all day*

Megatron: *looks up as he hears an engine nearing from outside*

Kriti: *unshutters an optic, peeks at Megatron, soft click*

Megatron: *puzzled frown* I don't recognize that engine.

Kriti: *gonna try and scoot behind you now, Megatron*

Megatron: *clicks to her gently as he puts down his book and then gets his feet under him to go look at the screen and see who's coming so late*

Kriti: *soft sound, moves to try and cling to either a Megatron leg, or Megatron's back*

Megatron: *helps her up onto his back, and then goes and looks at the screen* ...A yellow Camaro with black stripes?

Kriti: *blink blink* *slight headtilt* Issa 'nother 'Bee?

Megatron: *looks over his shoulder at her* Another Bumblebee?

Kriti: *small nod* Like MamaBee... 'r Aunty Show's 'Bee

Megatron: *slight frown, turns back to the screen in time to see the Camaro open a door and let out a small, light green femme with big blue optics*

Kriti: *surprised squeak*

Camaro: *then transforms into a lovely femmeBee, who looks toward the camera and moves her mouthplate in a smile as she waves. Then presses the intercom button* //Hey, Blackie? I just talked to Diehard, and he says Kriti's still bitty, and that she's still here.//

Kriti: *wiggles and indicates she wants down, please!* MamaBee!

ntbBee: *surprised beep* //Kriti? Bitty, is that you?//

Megatron: *letting Kriti down* Let me ask Aunt Blackout before I open the door.

Kriti: *fuss!*

Blackie: *got a call from Diehard. Gives the okay for door openage*

Kriti: *trying to scoot for the door, isn't moving nearly as fast as she would if she was feeling better*

Megatron: *follows Kriti and keys in the code to open the door*

Honey: *darts right in and twinkles fingers* ^_^

Kriti: *squee* Honey-Sissy!!!

Honey: *steps back and looks up, then giggles*

ntbBee: Wow, you're not as bitty as when I saw you last. Hey, Kriti. *soft sad note in her voice as she looks at the baby she had to leave behind*

Kriti: MamaBee! *scoot, glomp, clickstorm*

ntbBee: *scoops her up and cuddles her close, rocking gently on her feet* *softly* Oh, Bitty. I'm so sorry.

Kriti: *snuggles and purrs, shuttering her optics*

Soundwave: *sleepy beep as he peeks out of the playhouse*

ntbBee: *soft music plays, something bouncy but not recognizable. Glances over toward that other little voice, and then back down at the youngster in her arms* *softly* I came as soon as I could. Have you seen Waltz or Rap?

Kriti: *quietly* Waltz-Sissy workin' with Uncle Jazz... 'N Rap's stayin' with Hormah... *yawns and snuggles more. Didn't get much nap in earlier*

Soundwave: *gonna go and snuggle with bittyBee*

Megatron: *just watching all this silently*

Honey: *watches Soundwave, and then scoots over to beep at him*

ntbBee: Workin' with Uncle Jazz? What's he do?

Kriti: *small smile* Uncle Jazz is Captain Disaster in 'Nightwind'.

Soundwave: *clicks quietly and scoots over so Honey can join the snuggle pile*

bittyBee: *says one of Kup's favorite words and flails one arm, but she's pretty much asleep for the night*

ntbBee: 'Nightwind', huh? Wow... I can barely remember that show anymore. *startles and looks toward the poofy mat*

Megatron: *pinching the bridge of his nose*

Kriti: *would facepalm if she had the energy to* Bumble cussed 'gain...

ntbBee: *surprised* She never got fixed?

Kriti: *small headshake, peeks at Megatron and clicks softly*

ntbBee: *watches the broad-shouldered young mech go over to the mat. Softly* Who's that, Bitty?

Kriti: *small smile* *with certainty* Is a good Megatron.

ntbBee: *startles and looks down at the little blue femme, her optics slightly brightened with alarm* ...Good... Megatron?

Kriti: *nod nod, blinks a bit*

Megatron: *meanwhile, is carefully laying down by the smaller bots and clicking to them softly*

Honey: Bbbbbb.

Megatron: *grave smile*

Soundwave: *gonna snuggle with Bubby, too*

ntbBee: *amazed by how much that name still scares her, even after so many vorns have passed since his dying in her reality* *quietly* Why's he here?

Kriti: Is helpin'... *blinking back sleepiness* PercyPapa 'n KiaMama're hurtin' bad... *yawn* *quieter* 'N Dready 'n Kitty're gone...

ntbBee: Dready? *tries to recall the name*

Kriti: *small nod, rests her head on MamaBee's shoulder* Was friends with Wake, AuntShow, 'n AuntDesi...

ntbBee: *gently rubs the little femme's back. Softly* I'm sorry he's gone.

Kriti: *snuggles* *quietly* Went after Uncle Jazz went 'way f'r a bit... then PercyPapa brought Uncle Jazz back... *yes, she understood what happened, to an extent*

ntbBee: Awww. But Percy can't get Dready to come back too?

Kriti: *small headshake* PercyPapa's hurtin'... 'N so's KiaMama...

ntbBee: *nods softly* Yeah. Diehard said that. *looks toward the hallway, and then up at the window, which shows the darkness of night* ...Have you guys had any supper? Do you follow human eating patterns?

Soundwave: *quiet, curious beep. Someone mentioned noms?*

Kriti: *very slight shrug. Is sleeepy, MamaBee, and she can hear your spark. Is a very happy youngling*

Megatron: *gravely* We ate. Kriti's usually in bed by now. *looks down at Honey, who is hugging Soundwave*

Honey: *looks back, and then moves her mouthplate in a yawn before shuttering her optics*

Soundwave: *cuddles Honey and clicks softly, before tilting his head towards part of the mat, indicating that ntbBee should join the snugglepile*

Megatron: We've been sleeping here, because Kriti's berth is too small for me to fit on it.

ntbBee: *surprised by that information and looks down at Kriti* You sleep together?

Kriti: *small nod, is almost asleep right now*

Soundwave: *very quietly* Snuggle.

ntbBee: *another gentle rub for Kriti's back as she walks over to lower herself carefully onto the big poofy mattress* Okay, okay. If you say so. *grin*

Soundwave: *impression of a ^_^ as he cuddles Honey and snuggles against Megatron*

Kriti: *happy little purrs*

bittyBee: *rolls over closer to the sound of a Bee spark, but doesn't wake. Just sprawls on her back with a handful of dolly hair*

Megatron: *quiet sigh. There is an adult near whom Kriti trusts. He can lower his alertness and rest now*

Kriti: *going to sleep deeply. Not even a chibi fight could wake her at this point*

ntbBee: *plays soft music to the little bots as she shutters her own optics and goes into a mama doze*

A little while later...

Jazz: *comes stumbling in wearily* At least somebody was here for the kids.

kvRatchet: *as he holds the door open for Waltz* I'm just glad Perceptor and Kia are doing better...

Soundwave: *peeeks at Jazz and Uncle Ratchet, visor barely lit*

Kriti: *sleeping hard, with her thumb in her mouth, and her other arm around Dolly*

ntbBee: *softly* Hey, Ratchet. Long time no see.

kvRatchet: *slight pause, before he's smiling* *quietly, so as not to wake the kids* Too long... It's good to see you, Bumblebee.

ntbBee: *moves her mouthplate in a grin*

Jazz: *delighted* *also quiet* You made it! Sweeet!

Waltz: *quietly happy* Hi, Mom. *comes over to add herself to the heap with a sigh and a soft meep as Honey clings to her*

kvRatchet: *soft chuckle as he moves to add Torque to the pile, since the tan and navy youngster conked out while waiting for Jazz and Waltz*

ntbBee: You're here to see Bitty?

kvRatchet: *nod* And to see how Perceptor and Kia are doing... Torque wanted to make sure Bumble's glitchmouse is okay....

ntbBee: *optics flash with surprise* Glitchmouse?

kvRatchet: *nods as Torque snuggles bittyBee* He gave her one of his pets as a gift.

ntbBee: *quietly, sounding just a tad bit freaked* Um... I think... my insides are crawling.

kvRatchet: *going to do his best not to snicker, scans ntbBee*

mousie: *exploring!*

Jazz: *chuckling as he heads for the hall to see Blackie and Perceptor and Kia*

kvRatchet: *very quiet snerk, will get a treat out and attempt to lure the glitchmouse away from ntbBee* Bumble will be upset if she can't find her pet when she wakes up...

mousie: *ohhaiRatch!*

ntbBee: Well I didn't do it on purpose.

kvRatchet: *going to look for the glitchmouse's cage* I didn't say you did... This isn't the first time this little one's gone exploring... *soft chuckle*

cage: *sitting over in the corner of the mattress, behind all the bots*

ntbBee: I didn't think anybody would make pets of those guys. Well, they're extinct in my reality, so.

kvRatchet: *small, fond smile for the tan and navy youngling in the snugglepile* Torque and a few others from my reality have... I just wish I could convince them that keeping their pets in their frames isn't a good idea... *more soft chuckling as he moves to grab the cage*

bittyBee: *cranky squeak as he rocks her on the mattress*

Torque: *quiet clicks, more snuggles. Hi, Bumble*

ntbBee: *watches the little ones* Torque, huh? He came along to check on the glitchmouse? Or he came to see Kriti?

kvRatchet: I think mostly to check on the glitchmouse and to spend time with Bumble... They were almost inseparable while she and Kriti were visiting us...

ntbBee: Awwww. *looks down at the littles again*

kvRatchet: *quietly, as he puts the glitchmouse in its cage* At times, it almost felt like I had a daughter as well as a son...

ntbBee: *brow plates lift quizzically* Huh?

kvRatchet: Torque is my son...

ntbBee: *quick look back to the youngling* Oh... Wow.

kvRatchet: His mother and I are wordmates at the moment... We've been too busy to do much more than that...

ntbBee: *surprised but pleased grin* Congratulations. I'm gonna have to tell my Ratch. And Dev.

kvRatchet: Dev is your Ratchet's mate?

ntbBee: Nobody ever told you he bonded with the Space Shuttle Endeavour of our reality?

kvRatchet: The... wow...

ntbBee: *grins* Their daughter, Columbia, is second only to Ratch in skills and stuff.

kvRatchet: *soft 'heh'* I hope she takes after her mother in looks...

ntbBee: *snerk* She's got Dev's face, but her helm and stuff really shows Ratch.

kvRatchet: That's good, at least... *wondering to himself what a sparklet with his and Fixer's coding would end up looking like*

ntbBee: *laughs* You don't even know what Dev looks like.

kvRatchet: *optics sparkling with a bit of mischief* No, but I've seen what my alternates of your tech look like, and anything has to be an improvement on that.

Kriti: *slight squirm, continues sleeping*

ntbBee: *stops what she was saying and looks down, her music starting up again softly*

kvRatchet: *scans Kriti, then he's relaxing as he sees that she is doing better than she was the last time he saw her*

ntbBee: *gentle hand on Kriti's back as she looks down at the little one with a slight glimmer in her optics*

kvRatchet: *gentle clicks, will offer ntbBee something Kriti had drawn while she was staying at the Ark*

ntbBee: *looks at it* *soft squeak*

picture: *shows drawings done in colored pencil of ntbBee, Jazz, Rap, Waltz, Scatcat, Honey, dvPerceptor, dvKia, Bumble, Bronx, Sureshot, dvJazz, Blackie, kvRatchet, Fixer, Torque, and a black and white mech that looks like a larger version of Jazz with more wheels in his kibble*

ntbBee: *then blinks* *very quietly* Is that Jazz?

kvRatchet: *quietly* Jazz Prime... *waiting for the reaction*

ntbBee: ...Well, at least he's not calling himself Maximus.

kvRatchet: *blink blink* *soft snerk* He keeps threatening the twins with KP duty if they don't stop calling him 'Jazzimus'...

ntbBee: *quiet chuckle* That's still better than Maximus.

kvRatchet: True... *attention going to Kriti for a few moments, and then he's gently smoothing her helm*

ntbBee: *softly* Don't wake her up.

kvRatchet: *quietly* She's pretty well asleep... If she were feeling better, she'd have woken up as soon as Jazz and Waltz came into the room...

ntbBee: I know. She always had to say hi when she was... *stops to shutter her optics but the tears get away anyway*

kvRatchet: *soft clicks, will gently rub ntbBee's shoulder*

ntbBee: *muffled squeak* //Leaving her behind was...// *moves her mouthplate*

kvRatchet: //I think... In her own way, she understood...//

ntbBee: //She was just a little tiny thing.//

kvRatchet: //Kids can surprise us with just how much they understand... They might not always have the words to say so though...//

ntbBee: *nods* //That didn't make it any easier, though. And... it's been a couple hundred years, Ratch.//

kvRatchet: *quietly* //In your reality... Back home... It was seven... and here, it's only been about two or three...//

ntbBee: //I know. I'm glad she didn't need to wait so long.//

kvRatchet: //Hard to believe it wasn't that long ago that we found out about her.... I still remember how little she was... And now she's a youngling...//

ntbBee: //Yeah, and I missed her growing.// *more tears escape*

kvRatchet: *more gentle shoulder rubbing* //You're still an important part of her life, Bumblebee.//

ntbBee: *manages a slight smile, then holds up the picture* //Can I keep this?//

kvRatchet: *nods, smiling* //Go ahead. Knowing Kriti, she's already got an updated one either in progress, or in mind...//

ntbBee: //Thanks.// *rolls it one handed, and then stows it in her glove compartment*

kvRatchet: *soft chuckle, will reach to gently rub Torque's back and click quietly* //At least things have settled down back home... And we don't have to worry about Decepticons anymore...//

ntbBee: //I'm glad. I'm really glad.// *glances toward where Megatron is sleeping with an armful of smaller bitties*

kvRatchet: *quietly* //He's a lot different than he was before he and the other Decepticons were turned into sparklets...//

ntbBee: //Yeah. I see that. ...But wasn't he the guy that killed the bots Kriti's made from?//

kvRatchet: *small nod* *softly* //I realized that Kriti had forgiven that Megatron around the time that she started spending more time around the one we have now...//

ntbBee: //She sleeps by him?//

kvRatchet: //She trusts him.//

ntbBee: //And he followed her back here.//

kvRatchet: *soft chuckle* //He didn't want to let her go... He protects her, and cares about her.//

ntbBee: *surprised look for the youngster* //Awww.//

kvRatchet: *as he moves to sit down and wait for Torque to decide it's time to go home* //It wouldn't surprise me if they become a pair when they're adults...//

ntbBee: *more surprise. Looks down at Kriti*

Kriti: *serene expression as she sleeps and cuddles her doll*

Jazz: *sounds tired* //They're already a pair, Ratch. You ain't gonna ever get Meggy back.//

kvRatchet: *very soft snerk* //Blaster's going to be sulking about that for awhile, I can tell already.//

Jazz: //He'll jes' haveta deal.//

kvRatchet: *half-jokingly* //And I suppose if we're not careful, we might not get Torque back either?//

Jazz: //Dunno nothin' 'bout that, man.//

kvRatchet: *soft chuckle, databursts an image of Torque cuddling bittyBee* //Get some rest...//

Jazz: //Got no choice. Percy jes' glomped me. I'm stuck till he lets go.//

Waltz: *soft chuckle*

kvRatchet: *very soft snerk*

Jazz: //Uh... Jes' don't tell him about this when he's better. Don't wanna embarrass the guy.//

kvRatchet: //He won't hear about it from me.//

Jazz: *relieved. Respects his mentor* //Thanks.//

kvRatchet: *gently, but firmly* //Rest. There are more than enough adults keeping an optic on the kids.//

Jazz: *sigh* //Yeah. G'night, Ratch.//

ntbBee: //Night, Jazz.//

Jazz: //Night, Bea.//

kvRatchet: //Goodnight, Jazz.//

Jazz: //G'night, John boy!//

kvRatchet: ... *facepalm*

ntbBee: *shakes Kriti and the mattress a bit with her silent laughter*

Kriti: *soft little sound*

ntbBee: *stops, and kisses her on the helm* Shhh.

Kriti: *quiet clicks, snuggles*

ntbBee: *will shutter her optics and go into sleep mode as she holds Kriti close*

kvRatchet: *will keep watch while everyone rests*

((Co-written with random_xtras))
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