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Mrrpt-Nyaah Notes

-a race of feline-like, bipedal beings

-Average age at time of death: 93 Earth years

-not even remotely attractive to humans

-dubbed "Demon Cats" by those who have seen their true forms, which resemble tall, slender sphynx cats.

-individuals are as varied in temperaments as humans, though they do tend to be more territorial at times, especially notable in the males. This is especially true if they are trying to protect someone or someones that they care about.

-Average height: 8.5 feet for females, 9.5 feet for males

-Sexually dimorphic: Males tend to be slightly bulkier than females, with rounder heads.

-Vocalizations include purring, trilling, hissing, growling, squeaking, chirping, clicking, grunting and shrieks, though some are capable of utilizing language in their true forms.

-Most communication is non-verbal or scent-based.

-Shapeshifting is commonly witnessed, though no Mrrpt-Nyaah has ever been recorded as being capable of taking on more than three different forms over the course of their lives.

-Despite being limited in vocalizations in their true forms, they are quite intelligent and can learn a language within hours of exposure to it.

-Strength-wise, they're stronger than the average human, especially in the legs. It isn't uncommon for a male Mrrpt-Nyaah to kick through a wooden door if they feel the need to. Females are slightly weaker, though still more powerful than humans.

-They have almost no tolerance for alcohol. It doesn't take very much to make one drunk, usually a glass of wine or beer is enough to do so.

-Like Earth cats, members of the Mrrpt-Nyaah race can be sensitive to catnip, though not all of them react to it the same way.

-Due to their hairless nature, they need to either stay warm in a smaller form, or to wear warm clothes at all times, unless they're in a hot climate. When they wear pants in their true forms, they like having a sleeve for their tails on said pants.

-It is suspected that somewhere near the start of their race, they interbred with a line of Fae, which gave rise to their shapeshifting abilities. Said abilities go right down to the molecular level. When they shift forms, they shift entirely, and there is no time limit on how long a Mrrpt-Nyaah can stay in a different form.

-In the southern polar region of the homeworld, there is a variant of the 'standard' Mrrpt-Nyaah that is shorter, stockier, and has fur. Their numbers are less than the 'standard' variety, and they're limited in their shapeshifting abilities, being only able to take on one form. They can communicate through a form of telepathy, thanks to an encounter one 'standard' had with a Mooncat and a wish to be more like their friend.
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